The NEW Montibello HOP Recharge steamer deal

revolutionary personalised, in salon treatment

custom-blended anti-aging elixirs are designed to restone the overall health of hair from the roots to the ends. Each treatment works quickly and effectively to deliver truly transendental results in just 7 minutes. This is thanks to an innovative and extremely effective technology that transforms hair and produces an anti-aging effect with unrivalled results.

the goal of each treatment is to address the individual concerns and needs of clients: adding strength, colour and shine retention, or improving softness and keeping frizz under controlthese are the main responses to get strong, healthy, shiny and intensely hydrated hair.

the benefits of offering your clients an immersive experiance are

- Strengthening the hair's internal structure and renewing the outermost layer
- Providing deep hydration and smoothing the hair cuticle.
- effectively transforming hair: regenerating recharging and revitalising hair.
- Adding shine, softness, strength or making hair colour last longer/
- Getting lustrous, polished hair with shine and movement

Take Treatment to the next level with the effect of steaming

An exclusive service that delivers unparalleled results thanks to the hop hair steamer. Steam help ensure that the actives reach the innermost parts of hair thanks to the micronised action of steam.

At the same time it offers clients an immersive experiance of wellness, calm and relaxation

using the steamer is very simple. But it is important to reat through the intsruction manual that comes with the box.

To fill the steamer with water
1. Place the hair steamer on a flat, even serface
2. Fill the water tank using a measuring cup
3. It's better to use distilled water to avoid build up of minerals
4. Do not fill above the maximum level
5. Close the lid of the water tank

Instructions for use
1. Plug the device into a socket. The heat indicator will light up upon switching it on
2. the device will start producing steam approximately 60 seconds after switching it on
3. Point the hair steamer nozzle towards the area of hair to be steamed
4. keep the flow of steam in the direction of the target area. Move backwards and forwards slightly to optimise the steaming process
5.remove any accessory thats not needed before switching on the hair steamer

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